T 10 G DP


T 10 G DP

3D Animation

T 10 G DP

Fixing bracket for turnstile and full-height swing gate* Article *

Article VZR2342.05

turniket k kalitke

Fixing bracket for turnstile on 45deg.*

Article VZR2291-001

k turniketu pod 45

Fixing bracket for turnstile*

Article VZR2340-001

k turniketu

Fixing bracket to the wall assembled*

Article VZR2342.04

k stene v sbore

Joining bracket for full-height swing gate and barrier*

Article VZR2342.01

soedinitel k kalitke

Joining bracket *

Article VZR2342.03

* - available as an option
Coloring barriers (wide range of colors) as an option

Coloring barriers (wide range of colors) as an option painted elements of the turnstile

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